「国際ふぐ協会」会報 vol.79


Dear Members,
Hello, this is Furukawa, the IFA representative.
The classification of the new coronavirus in Japan under the Infectious Diseases Act has been downgraded to type 5.
The number of people going out has increased, and the number of visitors to Japan from overseas has also increased.
Compared to before COVID-19, there are few after-parties yet. Still, industries that had struggled, such as the tourism,
airline, entertainment, and restaurant industries, have suddenly become busier, and everywhere is crowded.
Expectations are growing that it will positively impact the Fugu industry.


1. Puffer fish poisoning death in Malaysia
In March, in Johor Bahru, an elderly couple was poisoned with puffer fish, and theFood Quality and Safety Department of the Ministry of Health of the Malaysian government responded that there was no plan to ban the import of processed Fugu products from Japan due to the puffer fish poisoning accident. It's relieved for now.
However, because of this accident, consumers were imprinted with the image of "pufferfish = poison." Hence, the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia,
the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the International Fugu Association plan to advertise on the Internet that Japanese Fugu products are safe and delicious.
I'm looking forward to it.

<PR広告の一部> <Part of the PR advertisement>

2. シンガポールでフグ販路拡大事業が水産物・水産加工品輸出拡大協議会のページにアップされました。
2. IFA's Fugu market expansion project in Singapore has been uploaded to the Japan Aquatic Products Export Council home page.

日本産ふぐ&水産物輸出拡大プロモーション in シンガポール(2022年8月~2023年1月)

3.日本からマレーシアなどにフグ加工品を作って輸出する場合は、 国内と同じように加工場のある都道府県毎にフグの取扱い条例で規制されてしまいます。


3. When exporting processed Fugu products from Japan to Malaysia, it is regulated by the pufferfish handling ordinance of each prefecture where the processing plant is located in Japan.
As of May 29, 2023, when purchasing detoxified Migakifugu to process value-added Fugu products,
it is necessary to apply to the public health center to process Fugu in Kanagawa, Chiba, and Okinawa prefectures.
Only three provinces above have this system.
We petitioned each prefectural governor jointly with Japan Mariculture Association to address this issue.
We will keep an eye on their future actions.

4. A report on promoting Japanese Fugu in Australia was published in the April and May issues of Suisankai, a monthly fishery magazine.


5. An article was published on lectures at the Marine Toxin Study Group, where I lectured at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology in March.


That's all for this month.


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