International Fugu Association Newsletter Vol. 59

Dear International Fugu Association members,
Hello everyone, this is the IFA representative Furukawa.

Is it because more than 50% of the population in Japan is vaccinated?
Is it the result of rapid refraining from outgoing behavior due to the Olympic games?
As of September 27, the number of new coronavirus patients has decreased rapidly to 1147 a day.
The Japanese government will probably lift The state of emergency at the end of this month, but it will still take some time to get back to normal life.
We hope that the Japanese economy will recover by quickly creating a system such as a vaccine passport, taking overseas as an example. Still, it is likely to be postponed because there are also prime minister elections and lower house elections.

The seasons change, so saury, matsutake mushrooms, sweet potatoes, among others, are appearing more in mass retailers.
In the morning and evening, we feel the signs of autumn more strongly.

It has long been said that Fugu is in season from the equinoctial week in autumn to the equinoctial week in spring, so we want to expect the opening of a full-scale Fugu eating season.
However, due to the influence of a Fugu disease that was prevalent last year, the quantity of Fugu held in the pond is small, and the market started at a high price for the first time in a long time, so we hear many voices of anxiety from people in the industry.
I pray for a good market.


Trends in Singapore and Malaysia, where we are planning to promote:
First of all, the Singaporean government announced on September 24 that it will take measures such as banning the gathering of three or more people in principle and promoting working from home due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection and tighten the out-going restrictions again until October 24.
The number of the second vaccination has exceeded 80% of the population. However, the number of new cases per day increased to about 1,949 (equivalent to 42,000 based on the Japanese population) as of September 25.
Up to now, eating out was allowed for up to 5 people, but it is limited to 2 people.
Singapore, which has the highest vaccination rate in Asia, is drawing attention for future measures.


Malaysia has taken steps to relax restrictions ahead of Japan. However, the number of cases has peaked out at present, but it is still high at about 8,300 people/day (equivalent to 31,000 people based on the Japanese population).
From September 10, the Malaysian government lifted the lockdown in the metropolitan area, and economic activity is recovering gradually. Many people are seemingly going out from home.
It seems that restaurants are now open, and serving alcoholic drinks is allowed, but it is limited to vaccinated people. The number of seats is limited to 50% of the regular seatings.
If you don't have a vaccine passport, you can't go anywhere, so I hear that you have to get a vaccine for your freedom.
Local journalists say that the Malaysian government decided to restart the economy amid the spread of the infection was the economic downturn caused by the lockdown.
However, the former prime minister, who aimed to balance the economy and infection control, resigned just a year and a few months after he took office, saying it caused the worst spread of infection in history.
Every country seems to be struggling with economic resumption and fighting against the pandemic.
At this month's meeting of the International Fugu Association, the aim of promotion activities in both countries for the fiscal year is as follows.
Well, can we do it as we want?
We are closely watching the status of coronavirus infection, including in our own country.

<Introduction of Fugu dealers' activities in Japan>

Malaysia is Islamic culture.
There are many mosques (chapels) in Kuala Lumpur.
Previously, I stopped by a cute pink mosque when I had a trade negotiation with the director of the Malaysian Government's Food Safety Bureau for Japanese Fugu.
Alcohol drinks and pork are not allowed.
It is necessary to cook and process foods following the halal rule, which refers to items permitted by Islamic law.

I saw an article that a Japanese Fugu restaurant acquired the halal certification for the first time.
I'm sure it will become popular once the inbound tourists are back.
The restaurant's name is Uoshou.
Fugu cuisine, Japanese cuisine
Fugu restaurant was founded 112 years ago.
Address: 5-10-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 050-5788-6220
Closed: Every Monday
Business hours: 12:00 noon to 14:00 for lunch, and dinner from 17:00 to 24:00.
WEB: http://uoshou.net/
facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ASAKUSA.UOSHOU/

Also, I saw an article about a Fugu vending machine on NEWS the other day.
It sells Fugu sashimi, Fugu hotpot ingredients, and deep-fried Fugu.
It is a genuinely unique and timely sales initiative amid the COVID.

For inquiries, please get in touch with Yoshida Suisan.


There are two overseas promotions undertaken by the International Fugu Association in 2021.

1. The 23rd Edition of Japan International Seafood Show
Event name: 23rd "Japan International Seafood Show"
Event Dates: November 8th (Monday) to 10th (Wednesday), 2021
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight South Exhibition Building
Exhibit scale: 550 booths
Exhibition fee: 1 booth (2.0m x 2.0m) 110,000 yen excluding tax
Request for materials: https://www.seafood-show.com/japan/contact/
Exhibition application: https://www.seafood-show.com/japan/apply_exhbit/

The 23rd "Japan International Seafood Show" will be held for three days from November 8 (Monday) to 10 (Wednesday).
Although it is just before the busy season in the blowfish industry, we would like to organize the same blowfish pavilion as last year.

The 23rd "Japan International Seafood Show" will be held for three days from November 8th (Monday) to 10th (Wednesday).
The seafood show was postponed to November due to the conflict with the Olympic Games.
Although it is just before the busy season in the Fugu industry, we would like to organize the same Fugu pavilion as last year.
We can also handle remote exhibitions and consignment sales for those who want to participate but have no booth attendees.
By the time of the event, the first vaccination rate is expected to exceed 80%, and the second vaccination rate exceeds 70%.
From this figure, many exhibitors, visitors, and stakeholders will have been vaccinated. And on top of that, wearing masks, the use of alcohol disinfection, the body temperature check, and active ventilation, we believe that it will be possible to hold the event more safely than usual by ventilating so that you can feel the pleasant sea breeze in November.
Let's participate together as an opportunity for sales promotion in post-COVID-19. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

2. Foreign Fugu dishes
This time, it is British "Fish & Chips."

Process Fugu and cut out fillets.
If it is large, cut it in half.
About three potatoes
A little salt and pepper
An appropriate amount of cake flour
1.5 cm deep of oil in a frying pan
Cake flour 30g
Potato starch 30g
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
One egg
30 g of water (2 tbsp)
One teaspoon vinegar
Fry at 180 ° C oil until both sides are golden brown.
Mayonnaise with grain mustard, and ketchup

You can feel the texture of blowfish is firm.
This dish is popular among young people.
Excellent compatibility with British dark beer!

Let's do our best to overcome the coronavirus!
We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

International Fugu Association
President Yukihiro Furukawa

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